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'The most important book ever written about the End Times.' - Richard T. - Pastor and Author
'A scintillating masterpiece.' - Charlotte L. - Teacher
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Tribulation Book of the End Times 

The Tribulation spoken of in the book of Daniel, the book of Revelation and elsewhere in the Bible, is a time of tremendous importance in what the Bible refers to as the End Times, but the Tribulation period is not connected to Christianity only and is not exclusively and End Time event spoken of in Bible prophecy, alone. As a fact, despite what you may have been taught by religious leaders and regardless of what they may believe, themselves about either the Great Tribulation or the Tribulation period, Biblical Scholars, Pastors and Theologians are completely unaware of the hidden, crucial End Times truth surrounding the Tribulation period of the Last Days; and the millions that they have taught within Christianity, therefore, are ...just as prophesied.

What is the Tribulation?

The Tribulation is a time at the end of the world in which the Creator's wrath will be brought against the inhabitants of the entire planet, without exception; and this punishment is brought against humanity due to an ancient breach or trespass. The facts surrounding this trespass, however have not only been deeply buried beneath the surface text of the Bible and mixed with leaven, just as Jesus warned, but the shocking and elucidating truth about the chaos of the Tribulation period referred to as Jacob's Trouble, was foretold long before it was ever seen within the book of Daniel or the book of Revelation or other religious books in the canon of the Bible (which is why all Pastors and Theologians are unaware of these all-important facts). The truth surrounding the Great Tribulation including the mechanism of God's wrath, the time frame of the Tribulation, the pre-Tribulation Rapture, the Abomination that causes desolation, the return of Jesus Christ and much more, can be found within much more ancient texts of cultures that existed long before Christianity. Some of those ancient texts include those of the Mayans, Sumerians, Hindus and others. As hard as it may be for Christians to understand, there is another 'Book', written by the hand of God and hidden within the Bible, itself for millennia that exposes the truth about the Tribulation. That other 'Book' has been hidden by God, just as foretold in Proverbs 25:2, Matthew 11:25 and elsewhere, not only within the Bible, itself, but also within even more ancient texts and is only now being opened at this time in history called the End Times...just as prophesied.

Tribulation Book

For those who truly grasp the message of the Bible, this unveiling should come as no surprise. This is what the word Apocalypse truly means, 'the unveiling'. This is why it was translated as 'Revelation' for the name of the last book of the Bible and one of the primary books that speaks of the Great Tribulation. In the book of Daniel, another primary book in the Bible that speaks of the Tribulation period, it states in chapter 12 verse 4 that Daniel was asked by God to 'seal up the 'Book' UNTIL the time of THE END, when knowledge would increase'. Those words were written over 2600 years ago and 600 years PRIOR TO to the founding of Christianity; and just as prophesied, the truth that was sealed in that book has never been opened...until now; and this truth is exactly what you will find in the fascinating and highly-acclaimed new book by Dr. Scott McQuate entitled 'The Tribulation'.

Religious Books

For thousands of years, just as prophesied and just as warned by Jesus, both religion and religious books have replaced the truth of God that was said to be 'sealed' in the 'book' spoken of in Daniel. We see this same sentiment also prophesied in II Thessalonians 2:11 where we are told that in the Last Days (which began more than 2000 years ago), that God would hand people over to a 'strong delusion' that would cause them to believe a lie. Although there is no end to the number of Christians who think they are somehow impervious to this delusion, they are mistaken. The word 'strong' in that verse is 'Enereia' in the Greek language and literally means that this 'delusion' is something that affects everyone, without exception and without regard for one's religious beliefs, faith or affiliation. This delusion began thousands of years ago and has been very effective at preventing people from knowing the truth, but at the same time, just as that verse states, it was a direct result for refusing to believe the truth. This is why God is now graciously revealing this truth about the Tribulation period and many related End Times events, just as He promised in Daniel 12:4, for those with ears to hear in these End Times.

The Tribulation

The astonishing truth of the Great Tribulation and many all-important related issues, including the Abomination of Desolation, Rapture, Return of Christ and more spoken of in Bible prophecy, are unveiled in the riveting new book The Tribulation by Dr. Scott McQuate. Despite the misconception that God would never conceal truth from the world, this concealment was foretold. Proverbs 25:2 states 'It is the glory of GOD to conceal a matter, but the honor of KINGS to discover a matter'. It is no coincidence that the name McQuate translates literally as Son of Rule; a reference to one called to uniquely fill this position and discover this concealed truth at this specific time in history;and when you take the time to read or listen to any of Dr. McQuate's fascinating works, there will be no doubt in your mind that this is exactly what he has accomplished.

Words of Jesus

Knowing, Himself that the truth had been concealed by His Father, Jesus told us that in order to find the truth, it is crucial that we ask, seek and knock. Most Christians think that they already do this, but that is simply not true. All of these words carry the meaning of intense, unceasing and constant seeking much like an animal that has its nose to the ground seeking the prey, that will not stop until it has found what it is seeking; but if a replacement meal is put in the animal's path, it will believe it has no reason to contiue its search. This is something that Jesus knew and tried to tell us, thousands of years ago when He warned adamantly of the fraudulent doctrines of the Pharisees and Scribes who not only hated Him, but also wrote most of the Bible. He even warned about their lies and hypocrisy which he called 'leaven', seven times in a row in Matthew chapter 23. Jesus was fully aware that the truth about the Tribulation and related events that would allow us to be free from our captivity, had been concealed and could be found by those who he referred to as having 'ears to hear' when that is the goal.

The Tribulation Book

The truth of the Tribulation is being revealed for the first time in the history of Christianity, just as foretold all throughout the Bible, as the veil is being removed in these End Times and the 'Book' of Daniel 12:4 is being unsealed, just a prophesied. This is where the research and specialized method of exegesis that Dr. McQuate uses, come into play. After thousands of years, with the help of the Creator, his works finally explain, in great detail, the End Time riddles and enigmatic passages in the Bible that have never been fully understood by the Pastors and Theologians within Christianity. For the very first time, you can now experience true freedom and understand how to come out of Mystery Babylon, just as Jesus commanded.

The Research of Dr. Scott McQuate

Tribulation Book by Dr. Scott McQuate

As an internationally-acclaimed author and speaker, Dr. McQuate is known around the world for his facinating research of the Bible. He has been the featured guest on dozens of radio shows, has been asked to appear in two documentaries on the History Channel and has taught thousands of individuals from many countries around the globe. Many of those individuals have been his personal students and members of his Social and Teaching Network, The Inner Circle. Membership to the Inner Circle is based on available space, is open to the public and can be found at

Understanding and teaching the truth, hidden within the Bible and other ancient texts is Dr. McQuate's passion as well as his calling. As such this has become his life's work. As a result, he has spent hundreds of thousands of hours finding and uncovering the truth that has been concealed. Anyone who has has read any Dr. McQuate's works knows that they are highly interesting and are of immense value because of the content they contain that has never been revealed...until now. Prepare to be pleasantly overwhelmed as you learn the fascinating truth he has discovered hidden within the stone tablets, archaic languages and enigmatic stories of the Bible regarding The Tribulation. The discoveries Dr. McQuate has made are truly extraordinary and will help you gain an accurate understanding of God's message to humanity.

If you sincerely are looking for the truth, you will know once-and-for-all that you have found what you've been looking for when you read The Tribulation; and if you're like many others who have read this riveting work, you might just read it several times!

Dr. McQuate's works are timeless, will move you like nothing you've read before and they are not available from any other source, as the information is exclusive to his research. Read The Tribulation today and prepare for an unforgettable journey into timeless truth that has never been known...until now!




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